First Week Of my Online Shopify Store, just a personal journey

Just a few days ago, I launch my online fashion store Mini Joker, which is a huge excitement for me, since I’ve prepared for this for a very long time!, minijoker, online shopping, online store, jewelry for women
At the first few hours after launch, I’ve already dreamed about my life as a billionaire business women …
BUT … after few days of single digit site visit, now I realized … oh well …
Are you kidding me? Just kidding. meme, jk meme, jokes, yao emoji, yao ming, yao ming emoji, pink yao ming emoji
However, I do have some ideas of how minijoker will provide and will be coming in future, it will include technologies, (I’m a tech girl by the day)– if my technology learning journey didn’t interrupted by my laziness 👌!
have a dream meme, dog meme, dog birthday meme, dog pink
At very basic: I want to make a place where I can remind myself, and other people: Be happy, Be pretty!
Because that’s what I believe the most important as well!
that's right meme, dogs meme, dogs party, dogs, pink, dog's birthday party
Also personally want to make this place where it’s where my journey is, by writing some diary, blog, jokes… it’s more about me, sorry world!🌎😂
Today, I decided to post this picture, and product, as it’s the best performing product in my $15 budget ad cost, it looks like the little kitty is wondering:
“Why this kitty necklace looks like me!” lol
Buy it from here:

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