Mini Joker Online Fashion Store for women

Mini Joker: Best online fashion store

Online shopping is one of the best ways to get a great outfit for a great price, Mini Joker provides a transparent online shopping experience, our customer can simply share their shopping experience with us and other customers in many different social media, see “How to know and share product review “.

We offer our customers necklaces, chokers, temporary tattoos and bikinis from all US cities like San Francisco, New York, as well as Singapore, Malaysia, China, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, you name it.

Our main products are for women in different ages, no matter you are a young girl who loves choker or necklace, a lady who needs business fashion attires, or if you love some female celebrities’ fashionable tattoo, and want to try one, we have all for you.

Jewelry: Where you shop chokers, necklace, earrings, pendant.

Gold jewelry long necklace — simple gold chain with pendant.

Style and Design: Simple, art jewelry

We work with jewelry factories directly, and we are able to offer the better price, higher quality products than the regular jewelry stores. Since we are operated online, our cost is lower so we are able to provide you a better deal.

Outfit: For women in fashion, this is the best female outfits online store.

Style and Design: Simple, fun street style

Pink outfit girl top outfit

Bikini: We have the best bikini suit design, our swimsuits store has the most popular and fashionable bikinis.

Style and Design: Fashionable, trendy and cute.

New bikini designs such as shoulder off bikini

classic bikini Cover up designs

Temporary Tattoos: Out tattoos are directly from tattoo factory, which ensured high quality of products. If you want to get a temporary tattoo, we are the best trendy temporary tattoo store

Style and Design:

Wings tattoo, Simple tattoo designs, rose tattoo, neck tattoos, moon tattoo and so on

Costume: Wonder where to get good Halloween costumes? Mini Joker has stylish Halloween costumes for women. You will be surprised how stunning our Halloween costume is.

Style and Design: Night club costume style

Bags: Trendy bags online shopping is fun when you find surprisingly great bag designs. Mini Joker online bag store always has new bag designs that can compete with luxury bags design, but with very low price. Come to check out more beautiful handbags.

Style and Design: handbag design, ladies bag design, purse design

Follow us to know when we will have girls necklaces for sale, so you can shop jewelry smarter.


Shipping is free when your order reaches $34.99!

However, we also offer the very low shipping price at $1.99 as a flat rate.

Shipping time:

Please pre order or order early, as we offer a good deal in our products and shipping, we also would like to be transparent that shipping is very expensive if you want to have them in 3-7 days, we could offer the service, but we’d recommend you instead of spending money on expensive shipping, why not order early and save money on products. Normally shipping takes 12 – 20 days to US cities, such as San Francisco, New York etc. Please give it at least 20 days of patient, if you haven’t received your order after 20 days, please contact us:

How to get extra discount

We normally offer great deal and sales, but there’s always one more promotion for our customer who is happy with our products and willing to share with others. Below are some ways to get the extra discount:

– Share your product review via Instagram

– Share your product review via Facebook messenger or email

– We will send you a promo code, apply it at the checkout

– Share your products like a model! We’d love to see your stunning look, and love to hear your review on the products. You can share in our facebook groups, and we will select and feature your review into our product review/description.

Models and Fashion (Outfit Ideas):

Fashion designers: Facebook Group

Fashion suppliers: Facebook Group

How to know and share product review

The best way to know a product review is to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or just come to check the products. However, we will not review all the products since we are changing products fast and often products sold out, but we do ensure each collection we will provide and collect product reviews.

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