Don’t miss it, Sleeveless Zipper Back Tank Top is increasingly popular (2 min read)

Sleeveless Zipper Back Tank Top is an increasingly popular trend, besides that, this zipper back design is just eye catching.

Sleeveless is designed for a cute and summer look. Casually fits well with jeans, skirts, and dress, however, not all the tank top has a zipper back, and not all of them comes with the best design — that gives every woman a young and elegant look!

This piece has been steadily gaining momentum in large part due to the unique design compare with regular tank tops.

Sleeveless tank tops – Black

Sleeveless tank tops - Black

This piece is a simple key piece to add to your wardrobe even if trends aren’t your thing. It goes well with the regular outfit, add a sweater on top of that, you can wear it to work. It’s cool, comfortable and classic, and can definitely become a fashion business attire.

Sleeveless tank tops – Blue

Sleeveless tank tops - Blue

We’ve found a fantastic selection of varying sleeveless tank tops. This one is the most unique due to the blue color with zipper back. Compare with other sleeveless tank tops, some are too simple and tend to look outdated, while this blue sleeveless design is giving you a younger look due to the bright and pretty color.

Sleeveless tank tops – White

Sleeveless tank tops - White

This first choice gives to every woman when choosing a sleeveless tank top is color, White. Simply because it fits almost every outfit in your closet.

This zipper back tank top has a universally skinner fit and is available in sizes small and medium. For people with smaller body size, this is a great selection.

Sleeveless tank tops – Brik Color

Sleeveless tank tops - Brik Color

The Wine color Sleeveless tank top is a very elegant selection, featuring a unique choice of the color. While it’s not tank top t-shirt material, the texture keeps you comfortable. This color can goes well with any place, party, work, school, coffee shop, and so on!


The zipper back is also the perfect quick eye catching design.


Zipper back Sleeveless tank tops

SIZE Chart for Sleeveless Zipper Back Tank Top

S:Length 34cm  Bust Width 77cm  Bottom Width: 65cm

M:Length 36cm  Bust Width 80cm  Bottom Width: 67cm

Note: Measured by hand, might have 2-3cm difference

How to wash it?

Please try not to wash with mix textures.

How to measure and pick the right size?

  • Look for size charts.
  • Note the measurements.
  • Note that we are Asian size.
  • Measure yourself. (If you don’t know how, look up how to do the specific measurement online.)

What to wear with this tank top?

Wear with a stylish denim skirt

 Stylish partially unzipped denim skirt


Partially unzipped denim skirt

Wear with a sexy sheer maxi

Black Sheer Overlay dress with short pants 


black Sheer maxi


Or look more tops in our outfit collection!

How to get FREE shipping?

Free shipping available starting at $35 orders. you should just be buying them and get a free shipping.

However, we also offer the very low shipping price at $1.99 as a flat rate.

Shipping time:

Please pre order or order early, as we offer a good deal in our products and shipping, we also would like to be transparent that shipping is very expensive if you want to have them in 3-7 days, we could offer the service, but we’d recommend you instead of spending money on expensive shipping, why not order early and save money on products. Normally shipping takes 12 – 20 days to US cities, such as San Francisco, New York etc. Please give it at least 20 days of patient, if you haven’t received your order after 20 days, please contact us:


How to get an extra discount?

We normally offer great deal and sales, but there’s always one more promotion for our customer who is happy with our products and willing to share with others. Below are some ways to get the extra discount:

– Share your product review via Instagram

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How to know and share a product review?

The best way to know a product review is to follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or just come to check the products. However, we will not review all the products since we are changing products fast and often products sold out, but we do ensure each collection we will provide and collect product reviews.


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